Saturday Morning Yoga & Brunch Experience in San Diego: Mats & Mimosas at Topside Terrace

What do you guys typically like to do on Saturday mornings to recoup from the week?

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Yoga & Brunch at Topside Terrace in Hotel Republic

I know personally with a full time job, food and lifestyle blogging, baking and spending time with my loved ones, I rarely ever have time to just chill. I am constantly always on the go and rarely forget to give myself time to relax or get enough hours of sleep every night. However, I noticed when I do not give myself enough time to just pause, reflect or sleep, I feel more so groggy and less efficient when doing so.


So, I believe SELF CARE time is so essential! That’s why I’m just so grateful that a good fellow foodie blogger friend of mine, Liz from @bloodymaryobessed shared this awesome experience with me.


Every Saturday morning on the 2nd floor of Hotel Republic, there is an outdoor area where they host FREE YOGA (yes free) in an open space of Topside Terrace from 8:30-9:30am provided for all San Diego locals and hotel guests. Yoga mats and small water bottles are provided by Hotel Republic. However, you are always welcome to bring your own mat as well.

img_8068 I don’t always do yoga, but the instructor was amazing! He went around to help others for different positions to get a better stretch, relax and he also provided essential oils and incense for an overall zen experience. Although Downtown San Diego is a bit of a drive from me in north county, I highly recommend checking out this experience for beginner and intermediate yogis alike to get in some relaxation time.

Being surrounded by the tall city scapes on a cool morning before the sun comes out just helped put my soul at ease in a namaste state of mind which was much needed. Plus knowing what was to follow the yoga also made me feel like this was the perfect start to my morning.


Topside Terrace Brunch options (left to right): Pork belly benedict, Porchetta Medianoche sandwich, & Jidori Chicken Chilaquiles

Shortly following Yoga, brunch at Topside Terrace starts at 10AM and goes until 2PM. Absolutely loved their straightforward selection of brunch menu items from American classic farm fresh eggs and french toast to spanish fusion chilaquiles and porchetta medianoche. Reasonable prices range from $14-20! View current brunch menu below!

Alongside the brunch options, they also have different mimosa options which I fell in love with! Hence, why Topside Terrace’s Saturday morning experience being called Mats and Mimosas. Also, if you happen to be ubering into downtown or staying for the full brunch, they also have bottomless mimosas for $18!

They also have a new mimosa out called the Tiffany blue mimosa that tasted like a blue raspberry mimosa & because I’m always down for trying out all the exclusively pretty instagrammable choices, we had to get them! It was so tasty & it matched my yoga mat! So, I had to right?


Plate of chilaquiles and tiffany blue mimosa w/ Hotel Republic water on Topside Terrace

Overall, yoga and brunch was honestly just an amazing experience with friendly, accommodating staff from the Hotel and Restaurant. Plus, it was just great to just unwind on a nice cool day on one of the last days of summer in San Diego with a few of my girls. Whether you happen to be just visiting San Diego or currently already a local and want to have a relaxing way to start your Saturday morning yet have fun, I highly recommend to grab your girl gang, family or friends for this one. Definitely a great way for some bonding experience time or even a good early one on one date as well to spend quality time.


No matter what your schedule or life looks like or how busy we might tend to get, don’t forget! There is ALWAYS time to make time for self care and to get a little more namaste into all our lives.

If you’d like to see more articles like this one about different experiences in my hometown of San Diego, please let me know in the comments below and if you happen to have any ideas for future or upcoming articles on topics to cover for travel or reviews, let me know.

As always, REMEMBER GUYS….keep it SAVVY!



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