TOP SPOTS FROM KAUAI (in no specific order) 

DISCLAIMER: All pictures below the top cover photo are completely raw & unedited…Enjoy! 🙂
  1. Hanalei Bay


    Beginning of the pier looking out into the Bay

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    Overlooking Hanalei Bay & taking in the view…


    Shaka, bruh.

    Okay, so there are several reasons as to why I marked this spot on Kauai as my #1 out of 5 on my favorite spots of this island specifically. First off, this area above all the places almost has everything you could ever want when it comes to wanting to be in a tropical abyss slice of hawaiian heaven where locals go. It almost somewhat reminds me of a bay-like area in a half moon shape similar to that of a much nicer version of the bay back in my hometown of San Diego. It has a small sandbar, mellow tides, warm and clear waters, and an awesome dock that a lot of locals were jumping off of or getting into the ocean with their surfboards to enter the waves more smoothly. Plus, not only does it have this killer beautiful view of the Kauai mountains, but it’s about a 5 minute drive away from this little downtown area full of cute shops, restaurants, and more scenic spots of the lush green mountains, local plants and taro fields. See my FAVORITE KAUAI FOOD SPOTS post for more pictures of Hanalei Town area and description of my favorite things about it.

  2. Ke’e Beach


    View from the water looking into the kauai mountains


    Living life and having fun with this coconut that fell off a tree


    Me & mom with old coconut husk

    Picture above should depict how clear, clean & warm the water is in any weather…


    View from the shoreline looking onto the end of the beach, mountains and water


    Me attempting to do a signature “Little Mermaid” hairflip move haha. I tried.

    Ke’e Beach was definitely one of my favorite beaches by far while visiting Kauai. The water was so warm, clear and refreshing no matter where you swam to. Another thing that I absolutely loved (and everyone who has watched Moana will absolutely understand this) about Ke’e beach is that it was almost enclosed in somewhat of a bay or reef to block any harsh waves from rolling up to the shoreline and wiping out your sandcastle or getting your stuff wet. However, don’t hold my word to this as sometimes the tide can be very high depending on the weather as you can see picture below with the roots of the trees being exposed with all the water washing out the sand and earth below it.


    My mom pictured with the exposed roots from the trees on Ke’e Beach

    However, nonetheless, even though we came on a good day when the weather was nice and warm outside, I still think I would love this in terrible weather as well with the sand being so incredibly soft and the water temperature reminding me of a warm bath and the snorkeling being absolutely amazing. I will have to apologize as I do not have any under water pictures to show you how incredible the reef culture is under water, but let’s just say it definitely replicated something similar to these scenes from Finding Nemo.


  3. Napali Coast

    Glass Sand Beach


    Close-up shot of glass in the sand on the beach

    Along the Napali Coast on the island of Kauai, we happened to come across this Glass sand beach. This Glass beach, believe it or not, is really not in the prettiest of areas on the island next to large gasoline tanks next to Port Allen.


    Me trying to find pretty glass colors I like to take a photo…

    This Glass Beach has many different colors of glass pebbles such as aqua, turquoise, brown, green, and clear that took about 10 to 30 years to arrive on the shoreline of this beach. Many of these sea glass pebbles come from bottles, windmills, and auto glass.


    Lost my individual photo I took. So, my dad’s hand with more of the uglier glass colors will have to suffice.

    However, as pretty as these cute jelly bean shaped pebbles are, they are not to be taken away from the beach. The glass is left there solely for the purpose of preserving the aesthetic beauty of all the pebbles along the shoreline for many others to come and see it for themselves. Now, I know you’re probably wondering, “Hey Savvy! Did you take any pebbles?” Well, to be perfectly honest with you all, I have to say I plead the fifth on that one.


  4. Waimea Canyon hawaii-2016-5082

    So, when most people think of a Hawaiian Island, they aren’t typically thinking of a deep valley covered in red dirt and minimal plantation. Well, Waimea Canyon displays just that.


    Picture of my dad’s feet in his white Costco shoes standing on Kauai’s red dirt in Waimea Valley (No, this is not sponsored by Costco. My dad just refuses to wear any other brand. HAH.)

    The beauty about this part of the island is that it shows what most people wouldn’t ever know about Kauai unless they came to visit here to see it for themselves or did their research before vacationing here. The canyon is just absolutely breath-taking from every angle imaginable. However, I would highly recommend you to not be like my father and wear white shoes while going here unless you want to come home with semi-permanent red dyed shoes.

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    Nonetheless, we happened to catch a pretty rainbow just after a rainfall and an awesome experience. Just be prepared to bring any type of rain jackets with you to prepare for rain at any given moment because at least for us, the weather gave us no mercy for inconsistent sprinklings.

  5. Poipu Blowhole & Beach


So, I don’t usually like to give in to putting tourist spots on my list of favorite scenic places to see, but I particularly liked this place because of just how timed out these 3 blow holes almost shot out ocean water in a synchronized fashion. I probably starred at this beach spot for about 20 minutes just observing how the water fills up into the holes and just blows out at different times just trying to figure it out. This is probably not a spot that you would need to stay at for that long, but it’s definitely worth seeing if you’ve never seen something like this before.




Just in case you’re all incredibly curious as to where these mysterious vlogs about my trip to Hawaii back in September 2016 have been, just wanted to give a quick heads up to let you know that it will be up by the end of this month! I have been going through quite some technical difficulties lately as of within the past year or so with my laptop and editing software. However, the GOOD NEWS is that I will be more than soon replacing my old equipment with hopes of finally getting up these long overdue videos for you all to see!

So, when it does come, [INSERT YOUTUBE VIDEO HERE], will be the place to click once it is up…

So, STAY TUNED SavvySweeties! Thanks for following along. I sincerely and wholeheartedly appreciate every single one of you!

Don’t forget, keep it Savvy, Guys!



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