Rolling ice cream with the homies…

Pacific Knots-103

Wanna know I really felt about this rolled ice cream? Photo Credit: @ShickPhotography

So, within the past few years or so, there was a trend going around in the ice cream industry that started specifically in Thailand called “rolled ice cream.”

Pacific Knots-70

Pacific Knots-73

Ingredients that go into any flavor ice you want with a cream base is poured onto a flat ice cold surface.

Pacific Knots-75

Then, with two flat lay stainless steel spatulas, they ingredients are crushed into the cream base to form an ice cream texture.

Pacific Knots-85

It’s quickly flattened out on the cold surface and rolled into beautiful 2 inch long by 1/2 inch width rolls of ice cream. Then, its topped with some toppings of choice and is then presented as probably one of the most innovative,chic and aesthetically appealing bowls of ice cream you have ever seen.

Pacific Knots-86

Pacific Knots-91

Now, with this cute Rolled Ice Cream spot that just opened this year in May called “Pacific Knots” across the street from Belmont Park, the owner, Jamie, was gracious enough to take a crack at attempting to make myself a bowl.

Now, I will admit that making rolled ice cream is definitely not rocket science. However, there is definitely a type of technique and level of arm strength and efficiency that goes to making one of these bowls of rolled ice cream.

Pacific Knots-157

Pacific Knots-158

My first attempt in my opinion was an utter fail. However, although mine definitely did not look as appealing as one of the workers who is busting out those bowls like no tomorrow, I will say Pacific Knots’ cereal flavored ice cream is probably my first favorite.

Pacific Knots-165

On my second attempt after carefully watching Jackie, one of the workers there, I ensured to get the angle right and not spend too much time crushing up the ingredients.

I quickly learned that if one spends too much time mixing the ingredients and crushing them together, it can freeze it into one solid block and so I moved fast to crush it and smooth it over the surface.

Pacific Knots-185Pacific Knots-85

This time around definitely went much smoother with ease and precision and much concretion and arm muscle.

Pacific Knots-188Pacific Knots-191

This time came out much better this time around and I was pleasantly surprised once I completed the final product.

Pacific Knots-193

Pacific Knots-198

This one that I created was the cookies and cream Cookie Monster flavor with a hint of my favorite color to the cream base (Tiffany blue).

Pacific Knots-105

Of course, once it was complete, I absolutely had to do a mini photoshoot with my rolled ice cream before it melted.

Pacific Knots-112Pacific Knots-114

Yes, one could say I possibly got a tad bit carried away here, but I just couldn’t help myself with how much I fell in love with these rolls that I created with my new homies at Pacific Knots.

The bowl I’m holding below is their strawberry cheesecake flavor and that one was my top favorite next to the cereal and cookies and creme.

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If you guys happen to have any recommendations for flavors and want to check out the latest, trending spot in San Diego for rolled ice cream for an affordable price, please be sure to visit Pacific Knots and get yourself some rolls! They are open Monday-Thursday from 11:30am-10:00pm and are open until 11PM on Friday and Saturday and until 10:30pm on Sundays!

Pacific Knots-99

Your stomach will thank you! 🙂 Say hi to Jamie or Jackie for me and let them know that SavvySweets sent you in! If you happen to eat here, please be sure to tag me in it with my #Savvysweets and tag @PacificKnots in it as well to let them know which are your favorites!

Pacific Knots-6

It’s definitely a spot you don’t want to miss!

Remember guys, Keep it Savvy!



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