Yappee v.s. Yelp: Share Your Favorite Spots & Get Rewarded For It!


Have you ever gone to Yelp or Trip Advisor to mainly conduct in some thorough investigation into the reasons why you’d want to try out a new Restaurant, Salon, Coffee Shop or any other business? Have you ever really questioned into wondering how authentic or trustworthy any of those reviews really are?

Well, with this new app out called “Yappee”, you won’t have to worry about reading through endless amounts of reviews or wondering which spots are worth trying out in the long run because you can just follow all of your friends’ favorite spots, the reasons behind why it is, and get rewarded for it!

I know Yelp, but “What is Yappee and Why Should I Use It?”

So, of course we are familiar with Yelp being the main hub for reviews upon reviews upon reviews of a combination between the good and the bad (majority biased sometimes). However, sometimes the reviews can be kind of risky to trust.

Here are some reasons why YAPPEE might be a better alternative to sharing your favorite places and getting rewarded for it:


1.Personalized Profile of Favorites

What’s great about Yappee is that in comparison to Yelp, you have a personal profile full of all your favorite places to go to in your town that you share only with your friends. On your profile, Yappee lists the amount of your favorite spots, friends and offers you have from sharing those favorite places. Also, based upon the types of favorite recommendations you write up, Yappee will provide a title for you as well to make it more personal. For example, in my profile above it lists me as “Foodie” since almost all of my favorites are about Food Places in my town (Irony? hehe).

2. Favorites Exclusive to Your Friends

Another great feature from Yappee is that where your Yelp reviews are public, your favorites on Yappee are exclusive only to your friends to view. This relays a sense of trustworthiness and authenticity to your friends viewing all of your recommendations.

3. Follow Favorites & get recommendations from Friends rather than Strangers

I would probably say that getting recommendations directly from your family and friends are 100% more reliable and trustworthy compared to reading a ton of reviews from strangers whom you do not know. The key difference here is that since all of your friends are bookmarking their favorites, everything you will see on their profiles are all positive recommendations. So, this will definitely save you time in discerning and comparing which place is better.

4. Obtain Rewards based upon Influence

So, another great feature through usage of Yappee is that not only can you exclusively share your favorite places in town with your friends, but you will also obtain influence through the more reviews you share. For example, on my profile it labels me as a “Connoisseur” since I’ve shared about 12 favorites so far. This influential status will then relay to Yappee to relay to all your favorite businesses how much you love them. This could then lead you to reward points! The statuses from lowest to highest rank in the following order: Newbie, Connoisseur, Influencer, Trendsetter.

5. More favorites added = More Exclusive Discounts!

On your profile, you can add as many favorites as you would like. The awesome part about sharing favorites is that you can potentially receive exclusive rewards as discounts for them! So, the more favorite spots in town you share with your friends, the more discount coupons you could potentially receive directly from those favorite spots you recommended if they are partnered with Yappee. For example, since one of the places I listed in my favorites is “Nado Gelato by Bottega Italiana”, Yappee noted that and relayed that message to them which in return earned me a 20% discount to be used personally and for 5 of my friends who join Yappee as well.

If you’d like to read more about Yappee and their story behind creating this awesome hub for everyone to share their favorite places & get rewarded for it, CLICK HERE!

Also, if you’re interested in signing up for Yappee, would love to see how it works, and want to KNOW MY FAVORITES and Yapee your way around town with me, sign up here!

Trust me, friends. Your stomach and intuitive adventurous self will thank you!

Remember guys, KEEP IT SAVVY! ❤



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