Practice makes PROGRESS not PERFECT.


Thank you Father Mike Schmitz!

So, something that I definitely do tend to struggle with on a daily/weekly/monthly and life basis is perfectionism.

Growing up, I had always been someone who valued quality over quantity. I wanted to do things right, go above and beyond and get them done effectively and efficiently. However, efficiency or lack thereof was really the primary concern of the matter when it came to my eagerness and drive to wanting to always be on top. It’s quite funny now that I look back on all my little habits and tendencies I used to do as my younger self that were somewhat “OCD-like”. For instance, absolutely demanding that my bed must always be untouched and perfectly kept with no wrinkly bed sheets or misplaced pillows; Or making sure that for each meal, every individual food item was separated from each other and not touching whatsoever. Period.

However, now being a twenty-something adult woman in my prime, post college and working full time while managing my Food Blog and YouTube Channel, sometimes there just isn’t time to be OCD or have those unrealistic self expectations of ultimately reaching perfection. It’s honestly on the quite contrary, a waste of time striving for such a thing. Throughout my life, I have always tried to push myself to be better and become the best version of myself that I possibly could be. With this trait, although quite motivating, it was also incredibly tough to accept whenever I would miss something (yes, I  admit that I’ve always struggled with FOMO) or fall short of reaching my personal goals.

Coming to terms with this and realizing that yes, I will not be able to reach every goal to my fullest expectation. Yes, I am not perfect. Yes, I am not the sweetest, ripest, tastiest strawberry in the field and that’s okay! Life has its challenges and learning how to be more flexible, adapt and knowing that there is always room for improvement is a huge part of it. I used to spend hours upon hours editing footage, tweaking pictures, baking treats, scrapping everything and starting over again and again and again until I tired myself of exhaustion to make it perfect. There were days where I would get so frustrated with myself to the point where I just wanted to give up because I wouldn’t meet my own deadlines. But then I quickly realized, “SAVANAH, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” What good was it really doing getting frustrated and stressed out with myself for falling short of these unrealistic self expectations? It was a waste of my energy and again, MY TIME! Nothing is perfect and that’s what is so beautiful about life that I denied for the longest time. Acceptance, understanding and learning from your experiences are a huge part of one’s self growth and if you’re really set in your ways, life will not always cater to those expectations, needs or desires. Sometimes, you just need to really learn how to roll with the punches and tell life this…

lets go

Yes, this is me when I was 5. Don’t judge me. haha.


This is something that definitely took me a good chunk of time to fully accept, but I eventually swallowed my pride & chose to learn from and still am! Just gotta keep rolling with the punches and keep swimming.

Just like Rocky Balboa said, “Life’s not about how hard you can hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”

Just some food for thought! Don’t forget to keep it Savvy, Guys!



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