2017 Passion Plan: Invest in yourself. Know your worth.



For this 2017, I made it an absolute point to really start taking the time to invest. Not just invest in my blog, organization of surroundings, YouTube videos, foodie adventures, baking skills, building relationships with this awesome food community or any of the stuff in between that makes SavvySweets what it is today….But I made it a point to authentically start investing in myself.

I know we can all definitely get caught up in the hype of life, get busy, make ourselves busy & fill our schedules to the roof & get caught up in all these minuscule things of this world and society to the point where we barely have time to truly even focus on ourselves and the well being of treating yourself and others with respect & love. Especially with everything going on in the world today, I can understand how simple it can be to just focus on the negative.

I get it. We all do it and a lot of us complain about how anything and everything can and should just be better. I’ve been there. I am there. I’m in it on and off and it’s something that I still struggle with to this day no matter how many times I hear others say to take it day by day and live in the moment because we’ve almost built up a culture of expectation that just is almost never met and never good enough. Im surely not perfect and yes, I have flaws. Yes, I get insecure. Yes, I’m constantly wondering how I can better myself and make everyone genuinely happy, realize their potential to the fullest extent & know how to love and share that with others. I truly truly wish I could do that, on the daily, but I know that with learning how to invest in myself, I know that it’s gonna take much more than just taking on growth opportunities and being selfless for others to get there.

Know your worth. Take pride in the humblest manner of what you do. Never deny yourself or settle for anything less than pure joy. Treat others with respect as you’d like to be treated with knowing that you cannot please everyone. Not everyone is going to like you! It’s life. Hah, so with that being said, my passion plan or goal for myself this year to not worry, let go, hope others will do the same! Be kind to your soul, friends. You got one life. Don’t take it for granted.

Don’t forget, keep it Savvy, Guys!



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