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Del Mar Beach, San Diego, June 2016


Post graduation. Your mind is eager and hungry. You’re ready to get your life rolling at full speed ahead and you start to apply for full-time real adult jobs. Your energy is high and mind full of awe, wonder and curiosity for craving that 9-5PM lifestyle just to “make a living” or “follow the plan” that society or the stereotypical world wants every 20 something year old to set up for themselves. You look around for 5-6 months maybe not even knowing what on EARTH am I going to do with a liberal arts degree or maybe thinking I know EXACTLY what I want to do with my life & applying within the industry you think you need to be in. After struggling for a bit of time and maybe even getting close to rock bottom, you finally acquire that so-called “perfect” corporate job you’ve been looking for and become proud, accomplished and impressive towards all your family, friends and peers. Then, you get to working away on the first step of the rest of your life.

However, once you start working that corporate job doing the same thing every single day, something happens. Something resonates within you once that step is taken and you start to wonder, “Is this REALLY how I want to be living the rest of my life? Doing the same mundane thing at a desk until I get that dang pension or save up enough for that 401K?”Questions like these start to poke at the vision of your future and fall heavily into play entering the so-called realistic typical ADULT WORLD which can then lead one into possibly have this feeling of being stuck. And like most of us, what do you do when you feel stuck? Of course you try to become unstuck! However, despite this you become the one thing NO MILLENNIAL wants to become (dare I say): COMPLACENT.

Now, the way I see this is you could either being going in one of TWO DIRECTIONS here:

DIRECTION ONE: Sometimes, getting into the swing of things in life can be beneficial. Maybe you’ve felt like the last 4 years of your life at a University or even your whole life you’ve almost felt as if you’ve muddled through just trying to find or make your way and now this is something solid. You feel like you’re on the ground and this is setting down the foundation for you to get yourself a RUNNING START at working your hardest go in the direction you feel like you’re being called to. If this is you, then WELL DONE! Your doing something many fear or dare to dream even embarking on. (Totally your choice if you’d like to continue to read on, but if multiple perspective purposes, I highly recommend to see the flip side of things on the complacent side so to speak ;))

DIRECTION TWO: Sometimes, maybe getting into the swing of things could be detrimental. You’ve had an amazing life plan already set up for yourself and you’ve stuck to that plan your whole life leading up to this point. You got A’s all throughout grade school, played well with others, got involved in high school and/or college, filled your childhood with extracurricular activities, aced those SATs, and graduated with honors. Even if you didn’t do all of these, you’re just an overall well-rounded person that’s participated in many opportunities. You’ve finally landed that corporate job in your hometown or ideal city, your parents are insanely proud of you and your making great money. However, something just doesn’t seem to sit right with you. Your mind is telling you that everything you’re doing is right, logical, and stable. However, your intuition and heart just don’t want to match up. This is where you start to ask these four words: “WHAT DO I DO?”


Welp, if you feel as if you’re life is following DIRECTION TWO, I’ll tell you guys one thing. I’m not going to have your perfect life answer all summed up into a nice one sentence or one short paragraph that’s going to solve all of life’s problems for you. HAH, I’m sorry friends, but I’m just a little bit too blunt and straight forward and respect you all that much more than to provide some magical, nonsensical, “mystic cave of wonders”, answer I pulled out of thin air for you (Disney lovers: You catch my references there? ;)). Anywho, the answer is this: You need to truly dig deep and find you. Now, if this really seems cliche or you feel as if you’ve already did all the soul searching you possibly could have, well guess what? DIG DEEPER. Sometimes trying to look or search for the answers to all of life’s issues can end up making life that much harder for yourself. Give yourself a break. You’re worth so much more than just to sit around, mope, throw yourself a pity party and become COMPLACENT. Can you imagine if we knew the exact “right” solutions to all of life’s problems or just solve them by just snapping our fingers like Mary Poppins, what kind of world we would live in or what humanity would even be of itself (let’s save that for a whole other article)? There would be no growth. No progress. No meaning behind anything. No unique qualities about anyone to differentiate different gifts or talents. We would be robots.

Bottom Line:

Life is too short to settle. So, why second guess yourself? Why worry about the little things in life that you’re thinking are the worst possible situations when really they are not? At the end of the day, not taking those risks in life could possibly end up being the biggest RISK you’ll ever take. So, seriously….MAKE THE MOST OF IT. I tell myself this all the time when I wake up in the morning, “Stop making excuses. Know your worth. Let go. Let live. (and in my case,) Let God”. I’m telling you now, doing all of these things will start to make the fog clear out just a bit more and make you truly see where you feel like you’re being called to go. Trust me. Those risks you didn’t think were worth it in the end will all pay off in the long run. Because just think of it this way (warning: stereotypical old person situation): When you’re 90+ years old, sitting in your rocking chair on the front porch and are reflecting on your entire life, do you want to look back and be insanely proud of yourself for taking those risks, overcoming some of the toughest challenges and making an overall difference in the world or do you want to look back and think, “Wow, I took absolutely no risks or did not really go after anything I wanted in my life because I was this: COMPLACENT.”

Don’t forget, keep it Savvy, Guys!



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