Foodie Friday Favorites: PUMPKIN PANCAKES! Organic?

IT’S FALL Y’ALL! A tad bit pumpking obsessed?!

Pumpkin Pancakes-3

Photo Credit: Shick Photography

Looking for some more of that wholesome pumpkin spice and everything ORGANICALLY nice? Welp, you got it, folks.

Pumpkin Pancakes-28

Just within the past month or so, I recently discovered Buffy the Vampire Slayer (aka Sarah Michelle Gellar), Galit Laibow, and Greg Fleishman partnered together to start up a company called FoodStirs that specifically specializes in creating food mixes that are catered towards more natural, accessible and organic ingredients.

Pumpkin Pancakes-29

Since I have come to realize that I have started to develop somewhat of a lactose intolerance, I am constantly trying to explore my options in a savvy sort of way. This especially applies to emphasis on words like “ORGANIC”, “WHOLESOME”, and “NATURAL.”

Pumpkin Pancakes-48

Also, with November just entering into reality and holiday time is just around the corner, I am scraping for whatever advice I can get my hands on right now and FoodStirs seems to be my best bet so far. Something I absolutely loved about their food mix is that although the package states its Organically certified by Organic Certifiers, it does not taste organic or have that “healthy” taste what so ever.

Pumpkin Pancakes-65

Cheers to you, Foodstirs! The fact that there’s a recipe for small 6 pancakes or full 24 pancakes within one package truly satisfied me.

Pumpkin Pancakes-103

I’ve always been more of a waffle person myself personally and when eating pancakes, I usually almost always need syrup, but these did not need one drop of extra flavoring.

Pumpkin Pancakes-127

A few eggs, coconut milk and oil later and my savvy senses were truly tingling with this one. Of course, I cheated here and there and added a dash of cinnamon and maybe a slice of “I Can’t Believe Its Not Butter.” However, nonetheless, the packaging, the contents, and the product were irrefutably tasty. Pumpkin Pancakes-160

Bottom line: I made 6 small pancakes and fed my family and still have left over for several more breakfast servings. Your stomach will thank you! Have a few more of their other options to try out and will keep you all posted once I try those out as well!

If you guys would like to see me do my own renditions of any organic recipes or put my own twist on any foodstirs food mixes you may like, please let me know! 🙂

Remember guys, Keep it Savvy!



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