DIY Father’s Day Treats & Gifts: “Steak Brownies”

With Football Season being here, I put together a quick Do-It-Yourself tutorial on how to create brownies that resemble realistic mini steaks! I originally found this recipe on

Shout-out to Sandra for coming up with this creative, inspirational recipe. It truly was an honor to make these brownies and add my own little twist to it by adding in markers I made in Photoshop that are based off of my dad’s favorite football team, “The San Diego Chargers”. I definitely shared these with my dad as part of his gift for Father’s Day and he absolutely loved them!

If you happen to be interested in making my version of these Mini Steak Brownies as well, here is the link to my FREE PRINTABLE PDF version of the charger steak markers that I created in Photoshop: Charger-steaks

REMEMBER: Keep it Savvy, guys!

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