Who is SavvySweets? Passion behind being Savvy.


“I want to instill SWEETS doing more good than BAD in a SAVVY sort of way.”

I’m sure you are all probably wondering who on earth is SavvySweets? Where does she come from? And why on earth does she do what she loves to do?

So, with me having a somewhat weird love for chemical equations & exact measurements, let me just break it down for you all. According to Dictionary.com, my name is defined as the following:

SAVVY [adj.]: experienced, knowledgable, and well-informed; shrewd (often used incombination): consumers who are savvy about prices;


SWEETS [noun]: having the taste or flavor characteristic of sugar, honey, etc; Something pleasant to the mind or feelings; A beloved person.


SAVVYSWEETS [all parts of speech]: Just a twenty-something year old girl who is wander-lusting all over the world with a desire and purpose to instill hope for sweets doing more good than bad in savvy sort of manner through sharing her journey through the eyes of her stomach and heart for spreading love and joy.


My name is Savanah Shick. I’m a twenty-something year old woman who is a native San Diegan with a passion to instill purpose and inspire others by sharing my journey. I currently am residing in my hometown where I obtained the most expensive piece of paper I will ever own that led me to being a 9 to 5-er by day & Adventurer, Food Blogger, Youtuber, and Entreprenuer by night. Growing up as an only child, I was constantly that kid who was always analyzing, wondering, WANDERING, and observing the world around me (maybe sometimes a little more so than my fellow peers around me). I was raised by two loving parents who introduced me to God’s love, taught me about the world around me, how to appreciate the simple things, and how to live life looking through the lens of a pessimistically optimistic perspective (Most likely will probably have a link HERE to another post on this topic alone. LOL.). Although I am an only child, I come from a very large, diverse, loud, hilarious, sarcastic, unique, and imperfectly perfect extended family that range on both sides of the spectrum from both of my parents’ sides. A lot of heritage rooting from both. So, you could say I’m a Caucasian Asian if you will.


Juggler-3219-72 (EDIT)

So, let’s get to it. What’s the back story behind SAVVYSWEETS?!

As much as I hate to admit it, my whole life I seemed to always have this strange obesssion or liking to numbers, math, equations, measurements and combing things together to create beautiful amazing things such as baked goods through chemical reactions. So, yes…one could say some of my favorite subjects in school were algebra, chemistry, calculus, literature and art. So, as much as I loved equations and combining ingredients to see what they could become, I was always notorious for being that kid who loved to create beautiful messes. For example, after every meal when I finished eating, I would always love to combine whatever scraps were left on my plate together to make some type of food artwork. It sounds incredibly strange to think about, but the more and more I played with my food after family meals, the more intrigued I started to become with the combinations of flavors, textures and visual aesthetics of combining different foods together to create something new or different.

However, in addition to that, my passion behind baking and cooking in general was not just inspired from observing my parents cooking in the kitchen, but primarily rooted back to my Great Uncle Gale teaching me how to bake. Since my only grandfather from my dad’s side passed away when I was very little and I had never known my mother’s dad, Uncle Gale was the closest relative I had that I considered to be my main grandpa growing up. He was one of the most patient people I’ve ever known with the biggest heart and major passion for food who was never afraid to tell it like it is. So, of course with love for food and trying new things, Uncle Gale always used to tell me to never judge a book by its cover. Ever since he told me that phrase, I constantly have carried that mentality up until today with not just food, but anything I come across in life. It’s definitely not my job to judge ever. So, I constantly try to just let live and be open to trying anything new even if I find the texture or smell of a food even remotely disturbing. I know Uncle Gale would definitely be over my shoulder telling me to give it a chance.

So, considering Uncle Gale was super passionate about food, he was also incredibly in love with anything sweet and he definitely had the biggest sweeth tooth I’ve ever known. He would always be in the kitchen experimenting with flavors, spices and different ingredients to bake up the most delectable desserts. Since I was so intrigued with the chemistry behind exact measurements and how flour could turn from powder into a solid cake or how a solid chocolate bar could change into a liquid drink, I was always watching him and being his little assistant. Since he was absolutely obsessed with Chef Emeril LaGasse, he would always love to say “BAM!” after he was finished and so I would mimmick him and say that too when he would let me assist him. So, then we eventually got matching bam aprons and called ourselves the bam chefs after Uncle Gale started to become serious about baking and instilled this passion for baking within me as well. Unfortunately, with having a huge sweet tooth, came a pretty price and he had acquired type 2 diabetes. When my Uncle got diabetes, he wasn’t able to eat any of the sweets he made. Seeing him prick his finger on the daily and attending a majority of doctor visits with him was so confusing to me at such a young age, but it eventually made sense as time went on. Uncle Gale was famous for making these amazing APPLE PIES and since he wasn’t able to eat them himself, he would serve them to us at family gatherings and give them as gifts to his nurses who would take care of him in the hospitals. Let me tell you….these were the MOST AMAZING apple pies I’ve ever eaten in my life (better than Julian pies…which was a town not too far from my hometown where everyone would travel to to try).


From right to left: Uncle Gale, 5 year old me, Aunt Audrey

With him giving back to others his creations that he loved so dearly yet couldn’t savor or enjoy himself, he truly inspired me to fall heavily in love with food. I almost became absolutely obsessed with finding substitutes for sugar and fat content in general just so I could make dessert for Uncle Gale that would be consumable for him with his condition. However, unfortunately by the time I became pretty serious about baking, he had passed away from pancreatic cancer. His wife, my Aunt Audrey, lived for about 5 years or so after Gale’s passing. However, now him and her are safely reunited now in Heaven and I am so incredibly thankful for such amazing and unconditionally loving people to have been brought into my life. Today, I choose to push forward and strive to have Uncle Gale’s legacy live on and continue to thrive to share absolute joy that great food bring to people. He was and is literally a beacon of light; my light I want to share with others in order to truly understand the meaning behind patience, understanding, sacrifice and unconditional love.

Although there are many things I love to do such as cook, travel, write, dance, sing and create. Above all else, what I mostly love to do is EAT. Just here to share my food journey with you all and I hope you can come along on the ride with me.






2 thoughts on “Who is SavvySweets? Passion behind being Savvy.

  1. Rachel Marie says:

    Hi Savanah! I love your positivity and outlook on life. I’m from San Diego too, although I currently live in Milan. Looking forward to reading more about your life and savvy sweets 😀

    • SavvySweets says:

      Hi Rachel!

      Thank you so much! I sincerely appreciate your support! I definitely haven’t gotten around to writing some more posts because I’ve been quite busy in the past few weeks, but stay tuned! I have upcoming baking tutorials to be posted very soon and I’ll be following up with blog posts about those as well! 🙂

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